Why invest in a wedding album?!

Why invest in a wedding album?!

Wedding photo book Doha, Qatar.

My parents were married in the late eighties and they have a hand printed wedding album of about 30 pages. Fast forward to seven years later, I was this mischievous little devil who pulls and plays with almost everything I find intriguing. This time it was a big old book from one of the book cases kept for years. Yes! A wedding album of my mum n dad in fact :) I loved watching those pictures and enjoyed seeing the people , their traditional clothes and the wedding ceremony. I did not understand back then but it was fun and happiness. 

I bumped into the album again at my parents 25th anniversary! It was a wonderful feeling to see what had really now become a legacy! To all of my clients and followers, I wanted to share you the reason why you need to own your wedding album. 

1. Remember wedding album is for the future generation. 30 years down the line, when your grand kid looks at it and go" Hey Grandpa/ Grandma, you were a stunner! " It brings them into your world and be a part of your history! 

2. When was the last time you accessed the pictures taken 2 years ago from USB  ? Let's face it. With the evolving technology where the gadgets are replaceable sooner or later, I believe the pictures are vulnerable in soft forms. Imagine your pictures laid beautifully on the finest paper and leather bounded to tell your story.. How does it feel now? :) 

3. Lastly , see the pictures for yourself and follow what your heart says. I believe wedding albums are a lifetime investment. It is a family heirloom that will be passed upon generations. Ofcouse, you must be proud to preserve the memories of the most important day in your life!

Happy time-traveling! :) 

-Jazzi <3