Yes.. A throwback picture indeed!

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Indelible memories rush through my brain.

This picture was shot at Milos & Emilija's wedding, Qatar. The story behind the picture is pretty interesting :)
The Bride's Mirror - Sounds like a usual cliche' though,this is one classic picture that every wedding photographer craves to capture beautifully no matter what!

As I entered the bride's room to start with the makeover shoot, I realized I had to face a couple of challenges. 
The makeup artist is already on her way to make the bride look more beautiful! Now, I had to take my camera out real quick because the time is very minimal! The room was little small that I couldn't shoot it at wider angles.Neither did I want to intervene the makeup artist for clicking nor did I not want the bride to look at the mirror umpteen times just for posing. But rather I would actually wait until she holds the mirror by herself when she feels like.If you notice, it's really a small hand held mirror. My Job gets tougher this time!

I took hundred different pictures at different angles within the stipulated time and all I was looking was the right moment until I got this one shot perfectly captured!

I would also want to mention the excellent creative flair the artist possessed in bringing out a subtle, yet elegant look and the alluring eye makeup being a cherry on the top! And Finally, the bride in her most exquisite looks. . . . .   I knew I have got the shot I've dreamt of! :)

You can find more photos of this wedding HERE.

I hope to shoot lots of brides in front of a mirror again. Until then, 

- Jazzi <3