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Line + Karam Wedding Photography

It all started one fine afternoon when I received a call from Karam saying he has got his wedding next week and he would love to have me there. We decided to meet up for a coffee to discuss. Much glad to meet the two of them. Karam , a photographer himself, knew what he wanted for his wedding while Line explained on the Syrian wedding tradition. The day of the wedding arrived and we were super-thrilled to meet the pair and kick start the day!

Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 1

Pre-Wedding shoots can be quirky and fun. Deep down, it helps the photographer to understand the two personalities. As they got along the shoot, they were very comfortable in each other arms imbibing romantic vibes.

The shoot took place in Pearl Qatar, an artificial island built on Qatar’s one of the previous major pearl diving sites. The residential area represents the finest European culture blended with Arabian elements.

Karam & Line wedding photography qatar

My first shot was a silhouette of the two as they tend to beautifully portray mystery and emotions. Followed by that, there were cute couple poses with lots of fun and romance. As we walked along the road, everyone expressed a respectful awe-struck curiosity and wished the lovely couple a happy wedding.

Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 2
Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 3
Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 4

The wedding party started at 7:30 in the evening at hotel Four Seasons, Doha. It’s the moment everyone was waiting for and the groom made such a spectacular grand entry in a tuxedo with the traditional folkloric dance troupe displaying the piece of culture existing in Middle east.

I must say that was one of the biggest highlights in the wedding. While all the limelight was focused on him, the bride slowly came and stood by near the entrance with her father as silent as a shadow.

Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 6
Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 7
Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 8

Line looked timeless in her white wedding gown. She made her entrance and shared her first kiss with Karam, they also had their cake cutting and a lovey-dovey first dance ☺ Syrian weddings have music and dance throughout the night. Friends and family joined the party and they danced like there is no tomorrow.

Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 11
Karam & Line Wedding photography qatar 10

The wedding party itself was so beautiful that every guest had something to marvel at the event. Wishing the newly weds a lot of happy years together!

-Jazzi <3