Qatar in a day !

Qatar in a day !

Winter has just begun and I’ve already experienced an action-packed weekend ever! This time with the two lovely people I know, Jesse and Annie who have newly started dating. They both travelled half way across the globe for their Thanks-giving holiday! Based out of Atlanta-Georgia, USA, Jesse’s thirst to explore the world made them travel overseas and I loved the fact they chose Qatar over Dubai! Jesse had planned for a surprise lifestyle photoshoot for Annie. How Sweet is that!

We started in the morning from Marsa Malaz Kempenski, The Pearl – Qatar. We shot in Katara Cultural village. Known for its multi-dimensional cultural project of Qatar, it is an innovative interpretation of architectural heritage, impressive theatre and galleries.

Later, we headed to West Bay, a newly developed neighbourhood of Doha with its high rise buildings that reach for the sky! And Corniche, a waterfront promenade studded with green surroundings and modern architecture.

Photographers usually swear by the Golden Hour as the time of the day with the best lighting! I was lucky enough to have the best light set through-out the day :) The clear sky added so much beauty to give a spectacular view.  Jesse who enjoyed almost every place in Qatar, took a lot of pictures on our way while Annie being a camera shy person, the two made a perfect combo :) It was midday by then when we decided to take a lunch break.

Post lunch, we started off for a desert safari in a 4*4. Shooting at the desert is one of dreams that have come to fruition rather sooner than expected. No wonder, I was more excited than my client! :) The trip included Camel Ride in the Sea line beach, with camels plunging down into Sand dunes. We chit-chatted, drank tea along the way till we reached the edge of the desert in Saudi.

Later that night, scrumptious dinner was served inside a sea shore safari tent. The place got dark and windy and we decided to move back to Qatar. One major challenge could be taking real care of my camera from sand granules entering in. The trip might be little tiring, but was totally worth every minute of it! I could say a sheer blissful Euphoria! I’m sure you will enjoy the pictures as much as I did! Till then stay tuned for something awesome coming up next! :)

- Jazzi <3