In her eyes I see something more beautiful than the stars!

Isn’t it a beautiful feeling to freeze the moment with your loved ones and keep it for yourself! Yes, I could stop time using my camera in hand.

Lifestyle Shoot Qatar photographer

Iah, My godly woman! She displays unconditional love and makes me laugh all day! Sensitive at moments but they are negligible! Has the ability to take what life throws at her and a true survivor! She has been a part of my arduous journey in photography. Always pushes me through hard times without letting me quit which has made me what I am now !

Lifestyle Shoot Qatar photographer

She has been my model for all the test shots. However, I have always wanted to do an exclusive shoot with her and she deserves one for obvious reasons. We planned to have it our first island getaway to make it more memorable!

We went to Banana Island Resort, a breathtaking island that feels a world away. After a day of spending quality time with my wife and indulgent relaxation, we geared up for the shoot.

For the semi-bridal look, she chose a dark orange lehenga as Orange is the new in-color for the bridal outfit. Paired with the golden crop top made it look glamorous.

Lifestyle Shoot Qatar photographer
Lifestyle Shoot Qatar photographer

Always Remember weather is out of control. We planned for an outdoor shoot for its lush green grass and the pulsing sea. But before the MakeUp was even over, the sky became black and began to pour. We resorted to a rain backup plan, shooting in indoors. I played a few shots around the window lights coz they are magical.

Jeniya Alawadhi has done a great job in styling. Black Smokey Eyes with Nude lips made her look like a painting. A classic bun with all over volume made it look interesting and it gave a beautiful bridal touch.

Post the indoor shoot within the room, we decided to walk out and get drenched in the rain for a while keeping in mind to complete the vision. Before wrapping it up, we decided to get a few more shots done inside the building which turned out to be extra awesome!


I wanted my home to share my story. That way, I’m decorating it in a way to show what is important to us. This collection is going to be hung on our living room walls as it reminds me of a life I’m living on purpose with a meaning.

With such happiness, I’m signing off,

-Jazzi <3

Lifestyle Shoot Qatar photographer