A Dreamy Equine Photography

There is always an unspoken special bond shared between horse and the rider. This time I took up an experimental shoot to capture this beautiful piece of art in a most dreamiest way possible :) The shoot took place in a horse stable, Wakra, Qatar on a romantic sunset.
Horses are wonderful to photograph but gets tougher sometimes as even a flash or the slightest sound could startle them.  Model Lena, a passionate horse rider handled it well! I was lucky enough to capture some tender moments between the horse and the model and a strong connection was brought out in no time!  MakeUp Artist Jeniya has done a great job to give the model a very defined artistic look. 
It was fun shooting and the horse was happier after being taken out for a day. I did not realize then, Now I know I’m a horse person :)
- jazzi <3