She believed she could, So she did.!

Much privileged to shoot a lifestyle photography for Agata Braja.! A multifaceted personality whose interests cannot be put inside a box!An Experienced UI and information architecture designer , technology lover who appreciates arts and a TEDx event organizer as well, It was quite an experience shooting this beautiful woman.

Agata Braja lifetyle photoshoot

This shoot is all about her lifestyle blended with arts in an unconventional manner. Our first location was Museum Of Islamic Arts, one of the iconic buildings of the Doha landscape, the building exhibits the ancient Islamic architecture. We then moved on to the Doha Coast and captured pictures between small catamarans and boats standing on the clean shallow waters. Going forward, we shot along the ever beautiful Doha Corniche , studded with lush green grass surroundings that offers a spectacular view of the city.

lifestyle photographer qatar

Our last shoot location was Katara Cultural village, that depicts the arts and culture of the country ,providing a platform for people to come and share their vivacious culture reuniting people regardless of their origin.

I’m very glad for having taken up this project as I got an opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Qatar. Not to mention, Agatha is truly a talented lady wearing a broad smile who I'm sure is set to inspire thousands of women out there.Hope you like my work and up next is a crazy Syrian Wedding with lots of love :)

- Jazzi <3