Elegance Revisited - Fashion Photography


Glamour, glamour and more glamour… is the sole word to define my latest photoshoot with marvelous designs, flattering necklines and spectacular fabrics which have recently arrived at the boutique for you. Would you like to see our selection of garments? Without moving from the impressive Presidential Suite at the new MELIÁ Doha hotel.

Imagination and ambition have united to create spectacular garments where the study of their patterns was simply an excuse to dress up in amazing fabrics. Whether they be from sophisticated or romantic designs, it is the iridescent and satin fabrics which steal the show.  Adorned with jewels, paillettes, sequins, little pearls or strass embroidered by hand they will make you shine at your celebrations. All the designs draw a feminine silhouette with tucks, pleats and different hues.

As far as the variety of shades is concerned, guests have more choice than ever.  For the more conservative of you, pastel tones such as light green and of course, romantic white. If you would like a more colorful look, go for the ever elegant and never out of place red, green, orange, mustard or pink in various textures and hues. The latter creating sensual optical illusions which add delicacy and originality to the garments.

Fashion Photoshoot 1
Fashion Photography 5

The Fashion photoshoot took place at the Presidential Suite at Meliá Doha Hotel at 120m above ground level with spectacular views of the city. We were able to enjoy its 250m2   to shoot the garments from different standpoints. Without a doubt, it is an excellent venue for our designs.

What about you? Are you ready to be the centre of the photo shoot.

Source : http://laboutiqueblanche.qa/elegance-revisited/