Peter + Raelene <3 Wedding Photography in Doha, Qatar.

What a way to kickstart my 2016 !! 

Shooting for Peter + Raelene was like shooting a fun filled and sunny romantic movie. Usually, it takes me a while to make couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. But Peter and Raelene were one firecracker of a couple and were instantly comfortable and posed beautifully! What can I say, that's one match definitely made in heaven :) See for yourself! If their chemistry wasn't crackling enough, the location we shot in, Katara in Doha, Qatar, added extra charm and beauty. 

Wedding Photography Qatar

As a photographer specializing in wedding photography, it is extremely important for me to connect with a moment and be content with the outcome. And I can't help but take pride with the outcome of this particular shoot!

I had a blast shooting for Peter + Raelene along with Iona & Aedan. Here are some precious pictures, close to my heart from the shoot. I hope you love them as well!

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