Cute Little Boy !!

Another awesome shoot yesterday ! This time I shot the lovely baby boy Maxwell Ehab. This shoot is special to me as this is my first baby portrait photography for a boy He came as a sleeping bunny in his stroller. I really didn't want to wake him up! I beleive and I know you all will agree with me on this, babies are more beautiful when they are sleeping. His amazing parents Ehab Adel & Nora Eskandar tried to wake him up but the little hero wont budge and continued sleeping angelically. At long last our model for the shoot woke up with a smile on his face. We took a walk through Souq Waqif, Qatar taking pictures and thankfully finished it before people began to crowd the place. What you are seeing is my personal favourite from the shoot. I hope you'll like it. Watch this space for more pictures from this beautiful shoot, until then

- jazzi :)